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with Anke Herrmann

Author of Taming the Tech Monster

People hire coaches and experts they trust.

So how can you create more of the trusted relationships with potential clients that open up opportunities for sales online, organically and on an ongoing basis?

And how can you do that in a way that plays to your strengths rather than working extra hard to get a little better at the stuff that drains you?

Maverick Marketing is for you if you appreciate

  • down-to-earth, battle-tested marketing strategies to connect with potential clients online that feel good to you and them

  • friendly rants that help you see the truth behind common marketing myths so you can make better business decisions faster

  • occasional reminders to be as kind to yourself as you are to others

Are you ready to amplify your reach, authority and revenue by building genuine relationships and trust, the Maverick Way?

Hi, I'm Anke Herrmann

Multi-passionate coach and online tech expert with a diverse background in language teaching, translation, software development, and flamenco dressmaking - with the heart of an artist and the mind of an engineer.

My approach is methodical and inspired by software development - building strong foundations, using tools and systems effectively, testing early and often, and embracing the experimental nature of creativity.

I'm all about trusting your intuition and allowing the natural creative process to unfold when building your business.

I firmly believe that anything that can be done with effort can be done better with ease (and a dog - or two or three - by your side 🐾).

Anke is a brilliant strategic partner who helps me think through the best process to deliver my idea, what platform, what tech, who should do what and how to do it efficiently. I cannot recommend her patience, calmness and practical genius enough."

Elizabeth Lovius - Leadership coach and Social Entrepreneur

"Anke by name, anchor by nature. When you are part of someone’s ship, you stop it from drifting away from its intended stability. Clear, calm and caring.

In a nutshell you embody less hype and more hope."

Angela Durrant - Founder of The Visible Club, Coach, Speaker.

Anke , a Tech Doctor with all the intelligences - IQ, EQ and XQ (that is reading the data, connecting the dots and getting it done). For business people who don't really understand tech this is an invaluable and unique offering because without asking the right questions you are not likely to get to the right destination"

Emer O'Donnell - Specialist Coach for young people(MSc)

Anke Herrmann - Maverick Marketing

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