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Maverick Systems Online

Business Mentoring + Software + Done-For-You Tech Support to help you expand your business through online events and group programs, even if you're an introvert or hate tech

  • TOGETHER: We refine your offers to make them irresisitible to the right people, we implement strategies to grow your audience organically and fill your programs

  • I: Design and set up the backend systems and tech needed to make creating, filling and delivering your online events and programs smooth and hassle-free for you AND your clients

  • YOU: Focus on serving your clients and creating new ways to support them. Learn about tech as much or as little as you want, at your own pace, with the ongoing support that takes the stress out of it for good

You’ve spent way too much time trying to learn about online platforms, landing pages, funnels, lead magnets, auto-responders 🤪 — when all you really want to do is work with great clients and transform their lives.

You're a coach or educator. You're passionate about your mission, maybe you've written a book about it. Now is the time to get your offers out there in a bigger way.

You want to offer the online group programs, workshops, communities or masterminds that allow you to impact and serve more people without hustling 24/7 (and charge more for your 1:1 work!).

But online tech and the marketing required to make that happen feel like a jungle - it's easy to get lost and predators are lurking everywhere.

So many options. So many moving pieces.

It's hard to know what you need, and it's hard to know who to trust.

So you either freeze and do nothing (while you watch your vision slowly wither away), or you rush out and waste precious time and money on the wrong tools or programs that don't give you what you need.

It's time-consuming and frustrating. After all, you want to serve your clients, not wrestle with tech.

Imagine having an idea for a program and being able to create, fill and deliver it without tech struggles or overwhelm!

"I've had this idea for years," Master trainer and Maverick client Linda said. "I'd started to doubt whether I'd ever be able to pull it off - offering my own programs, being able to deliver my own material, my way."

Does that sound familiar?

Did you know that according to Bronnie Ware's book “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying” having given up on their dreams is Nº1?

It's time to stop wasting time with too many options, or blindly following other people's formulas.

With Maverick Systems Online, you'll have all the tools and support you need to create, market, and deliver successful online programs that allow you to offer your services to more people, make more impact, and have more time to enjoy your life.

And you won't have to learn how to market your offer, or use the software tools by yourself.

From Vision to Viable Business Venture: Launching A Liberated Life

Ivy Woolf-Turk is a certified professional coach, keynote speaker and founder of A Liberated Life and Project Liberation.

She had 10 years worth of work scattered all over the place AND a mission she's passionate about: Offering strong women a space to connect and tear down what holds them back from consciously and boldly creating the next phase of their lives.

Together we fleshed out the idea and brought it to life, one tiny step at a time.

Hi, I'm Anke Herrmann

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2004 when I quit my software developer career in the UK, moved to Spain and started a sewing business, specializing in custom flamenco dance costumes.

To be honest, it felt like riding a wild elephant until I realized that building a business really is a CREATIVE PROCESS, just like sewing a dress or developing software - a magical mix of vision, skill and soul.

That insight inspired me to train as a coach so I could support other passion-driven mavericks create a business and life THEIR way, but not alone.

Now I bring everything I've learnt about business, tech, creativity and psychology to help coaches and educators take their big mission project from idea to reality and beyond, to serve their clients through impactful online offers, without tech headaches - as your strategic thinking partner, trusted advisor, coach and Tech Monster Whisperer.

Love my dogs, passionate (certified) coach, author of Taming the Tech Monster, teacher, programmer, dressmaker, translator, always learning.

Love Albert Einstein quotes, like this one: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

"Anke is a brilliant strategic partner who helps me think through the best process to deliver my idea, what platform, what tech, who should do what and how to do it efficiently. I cannot recommend her patience, calmness and practical genius enough."

Elizabeth Lovius - Leadership coach and Social Entrepreneur

"Anke by name, anchor by nature. When you are part of someone’s ship, you stop it from drifting away from its intended stability. Clear, calm and caring.

In a nutshell you embody less hype and more hope."

Angela Durrant - Founder of The Visible Club, Coach, Speaker.

"Anke , a Tech Doctor with all the intelligences - IQ, EQ and XQ (that is reading the data, connecting the dots and getting it done). For business people who don't really understand tech this is an invaluable and unique offering because without asking the right questions you are not likely to get to the right destination"

Emer O'Donnell - Specialist Coach for young people(MSc)

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Albert Einstein

As you and your business evolve, your needs change

Starting out online you need

  • A way for people to book appointments with you

  • A place to store contact details

  • A way to keep track of conversations

  • An email list to start growing your audience

  • Ways for people to sign up for your email list

  • The possibility to email your subscribers

  • A way to conduct market research

As your business grows you also need

  • The possibility to create digital products, courses and memberships for people to buy

  • A way for people to pay you - invoices and "Buy Now" for digital products

  • Somewhere to upload your videos

    A secure course/membership area for clients to access the resources they've purchased

  • Automated ways to tell clients what they need to know when they need it

The Software Tool That Does The Heavy Lifting

Maverick Systems Online is an all-in-one software platform that allows you to do all of that. It's simple enough to not overwhelm an online tech newbie. And it's powerful enough that you won't outgrow it when your business grows.

The good news?

You don't have to learn it all before you can create, fill and deliver your first online program.

Done-For-You System Setup .. Because .. A Powerful Tool Is Not Enough

Despite what some marketers of software platforms promise, no software platform "does it all" for you.

It's not enough to have a powerful tool.

It's important but not enough to know how to use it.

You need to take the right steps in the right order if you want to turn your big vision into sold out online offers, so that you can dedicate your time and energy to serving your clients and enjoying your life.

But who's got time to learn all of that?

Maverick Systems Online includes ongoing marketing & tech training and guidance to help you

  • Develop offers you love to deliver and your clients love to buy

  • Grow your audience so you have people to offer your programs to

  • Market and sell your offers without feeling awkward or salesy

  • Deliver your programs in a way that turns your clients into raving fans who recommend you to others

  • Use the software to achieve all that, without having to turn into a tech wizard

It Seemed to Make Sense at the Time

Have you ever attended a training session and found that everything made perfect sense?

But when you tried to get some work done, the questions and problems popped up.

All too often, reading the documentation or watching tutorial videos takes up lots of time but doesn't help.

So you end up giving up in frustration.

With Maverick Systems Online you won't be on your own.

With personalized done-for-you account setup and ongoing mentoring and done-for-you tech tasks you have your time and head free to create and deliver your offers without unnecessary detours.

"Our whole business relationship has been so much more than just the support with the online Tech.

And she's always brought her love and care to our sessions, to support me as a human being, to help me really overcome my self doubt or any difficulties with the ups and downs that you experience personally, with setting up the business."

Sarah Watkiss, The Emotional Eating Coach

"I'm so grateful there is a space where it can both be about the tech and about the overwhelm.

The overwhelm got ugly, last week. Things weren't working, I was spending entire days on getting it all set up and figuring out what else I needed.

I felt like I had waded into a marsh I couldn't get out of, but that getting through to the other side would take more time, more money, more energy than I had. .

Thank you, Anke, for creating a space and being a resource where the overwhelm part can be acknowledged in the same space as the technical solutions."

Sarah de Vries

Is this for you?

I'm the first to tell you not to worry about tech before you know for sure that what you're offering is what people actually want

It's NOT for you if ...

  • you just finished coach training and you're not really sure yet if and how you'll work as a coach

  • you're looking for a software platform that magically takes care of your business for you

  • you're a "squirrel chaser" 😜 who is easily tempted by new tools and questions a decision every time a friend recommends a new toy, ehh .. tool

It IS for you if ...

  • you're a pro - experienced at the work you do, ready to expand your coaching or training business beyond 1:1, but online marketing and tech are just not your thing

  • you're a new coach or educator but you are determined to make this business work, and you want to build on a solid base from the start

  • you're already offering online programs but the tools you're currently using are causing trouble or frustration

"I'm so happy. I've found my person.

I'd been carrying this idea with me for years. I wanted to sell and deliver my own training, my way. No more waiting to be called in. Nobody telling me how to do my work - what to train and how to train it.

I dabbled with Kajabi, Clickfunnels, and all of that, but I felt overwhelmed and didn't get anywhere.

You've made my dream come true! Can't thank you enough."

Linda Salazar - BrightTrainer

Maverick systems online

The Nitty Gritty

If you're anything like me, you want to know how exactly this works.

Maybe you've bought platforms in the past that set high expectations and didn't live up to them.

Here is what's on offer and what the investment is.

The Software

Connect: Contacts & CRM

  • Unlimited contacts

  • Unlimited Pipelines to track opportunities

  • Schedule tasks to follow up so nothing falls through the cracks


Hubspot, Pipedrive. Zoho CRM et al

typically around €50/month

Meet: Booking Calendars

  • Unlimited appointment types

  • Custom forms to collect additional information

  • Collect payment for appointments


Calendly, Acuitiy, ScheduleOnce, et. al.

typically around €25/month

Nurture: Email Marketing

  • Unlimited emails (newsletters etc.)

  • Automated email campaigns

  • Collect payment for appointments


Mailchimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, Convertkit, et al.

typically around €50/month once you have a few subscribers

Get Paid: Invoices & Checkout

  • Unlimited products

  • Configure flexible pricing structures

  • Send one-off or recurring invoices


Thrivecart, Samcart, InvoiceNinja, Woocommerce, Clickfunnels et al.

typically between €40 - €100/month

Build: Websites & Funnels

  • Host your websites

  • Unlimited landing pages & funnels

  • Unlimited automations


Clickfunnels, Wordpress, Leadpages, Ontraport, Keap et al.

typically around €150/month, can quickly go up to €300/month

Deliver: Courses, Memberships, and Communities

  • Unlimited courses

  • Unlimited memberships

  • Video hosting


Teachable, Thinkific, Learnworlds, Kajabi et al.

typically around €120/month, can quickly go up to €300/month

Communicate: Chat & Social

  • Chat widget on your website

  • Create forms & surveys

  • Link your social media accounts and manage your conversations in one place


Typeform, Jotform, Cognitoforms, Tidio et al.

typically around €30/month

Replaces software worth between €465 and €855 per month or more

Curious what it actually looks like? Here is A walkthrough

To jump to a specific section, click on the "Chapter" button in the top right corner of the video


A smooth start: 1:1 Onboarding

  • Three 1:1 deep dive strategy calls

  • Account creation with pre-loaded templates

  • Importing your existing list of contacts

  • Setting up your existing lead magnet

  • Setting up your existing appointment types (e.g. discovery call) for people to book

  • Setting up one existing course, program or service so you can earn money straight away

  • 1:1 handover call and personalized walkthrough of the platform

Get work done:

Ongoing business mentoring + done-for-you tech support

  • Strategy: Got a new lead magnet, virtual event or program coming up? During the weekly strategy calls I'll help you think through and flesh out your ideas, ready for implementation

  • Done-For-You Tech: Use your "genie hours" (up to 2 hours per month included) to get the tech tasks done, so you can focus on marketing your business and serving your clients

  • Learning: Customized training resources to help you use the platform as needed, as little or as much as you'd like to learn, at your pace

The Investment

You Get

The Software

Worth between €465 and €855 per month or more

  • Connect: Contacts & CRM, Affiliates

  • Meet: Booking Calendars

  • Nurture: Email Marketing

  • Get Paid: Invoices & Checkout

  • Build: Websites & Funnels

  • Deliver: Courses/Memberships

  • Communicate: Chat & Social

Unlimited number of contacts, funnels, forms, courses, and products.

Business Mentoring

Value €500+ per month

  • Weekly group strategy calls to help you get clear on what to focus on next, so you'll always make progress. Bring your ideas for offers, events, lead magnets, collaborations etc. and we'll map out the steps to make it happen

The Done-For-You Service

Value €900 onboarding + up to €900 per month

  • A smooth start: Onboarding

  • Ongoing tech implementation and support: Up to 2 "genie hours" per month to get tech tasks done - you submit what you need and we set up the tech for you

Your Investment

Software + group business mentoring

+ done-for-you tech:


Minimum commitment: 6 months.

Why? Maverick Systems Online is for you if you're ready to BUILD, and building doesn't have to take long but isn't guaranteed to be quick.

You'll be supported not just for the first quick sales but also as you and your business evolve and mature over time.

Then what?

After 6 months, you choose:

👉 continue with group business mentoring + software + done-for-you tech for just €350/month, or

👉 pay just €97/month for the software only and buy "genie hours" for done-for-you tech support if and when you need it.

Want extra 1:1 support from me? Book a call and let's talk about my flexible Peace of Mind package.that will give you the extra 1:1 support when you need it

Think it might be for you?

Maverick Systems Online is a service that includes coaching and mentoring, software, and done-for-you tech.

We'll be working closely together so it's crucial to make sure it's a good fit for both of us.

So, your first step is to click the button below to schedule a call.

No hidden costs - 60 day Tech Monster Guarantee

Frequently asked questions

How does the onboarding work?

When you decide to join Maverick Systems Online you'll receive an invoice to make your first payment. Once paid you receive a booking link to schedule your first 1:1 onboarding strategy call.

After the initial strategy calls I set up your account, ready for you to start working, and we schedule a handover call where I walk you through what you need to know in order to start using the platform. I want you to know everything but I'm perfectly ok with you not wanting to get involved in the technical details.

What if after a while I no longer need all the support?

Yes, there might come a point when you don't need anything new set up or any mentoring. During those "quite times" you can downgrade to use the software only at €97/month and purchase genie hours if and when you need them. Simply email anke (at) tamingthetechmonster (dot) com and we set that up.

Is there a yearly plan?

Yes. If after 3 months you are happy and sure that Maverick Systems Online fits your needs, you can switch to a yearly plan and save 2 months (e.g. instead of €350 per month you'll pay €3500 per year). I don't offer it from the start because you won't know if a platform or service really works for you until you've used it for a while.

While I might enjoy a chunky upfront payment, I don't believe it's in your best interest.

Any time after 3 months it makes perfect sense. Just email anke (at) tamingthetechmonster (dot) com and we set that up.

Can I accumulate unused genie hours?

No. The genie hour count restarts each month. 2 hours is plenty of time for the little day-to-day updates you might need throughout a month. Allowing you to "save up" genie hours would make it impossible to guarantee genie availability for everyone. Look at it like a gym membership - you can't catch up on classes you missed 😏

What if I need extra support?

If you need extra support, for a specific launch or project, or on an ongoing basis, let's talk to explore what will help you most and agree on an arrangement that works for you.

I'm only interested in the software. Is there a plan for that?

I get it. If you're geeky like me you're not interested in the support. Maverick Systems Online isn't the service for you. Contact anke (at) tamingthetechmonster (dot) com and I'll send you a link to get the software only.

What if at some point I no longer want to work with you but keep the platform?

No problem. I'm not interested in locking you into something you don't want or need. Contact anke (at) tamingthetechmonster (dot) com and we'll "extract" your account from Maverick Systems Online and set it up as a standalone account you're fully responsible for.

Is the platform mature and stable?

Maverick Systems Online is built on a platform called HighLevel which was founded in 2018. It is a mature and stable platform that is constantly developed and improved. I'm using it to run my own business and wouldn't offer it if it wasn't solid software.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Maverick Systems Online comes with a 60 day Tech Monster Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of joining, you decide that Maverick Systems Online isn't for you I'll refund what you payed until then. If you're not happy I don't want your money. I'm confident you'll love it but if things change for you I'm not interested in locking you in.

How can I cancel my account?

You can delete your account at any time. Simply email anke (at) tamingthetechmonster (dot) com a minimum of 2 days before your next payment is due and I'll cancel your invoice and delete your account.

Got more Questions? Get in Touch

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